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Carolyn here from Woodburne Naturals. 
A few years ago, I worked for a waste management company. It was an experience that forever opened my eyes to how much trash is generated. Since then, I’ve had a passion for doing what I can to reduce my consumption and waste. Being the Mom of two amazing children, I wanted them to share in the experience of creating a sustainable business and help learn about our impact on the environment.

All products are handmade in our soap studio in Lewisberry, Pa. Our soap is cold process soap and is made with natural ingredients including vegan oils and butters, essential oils, and natural colorants. The recipes are formulated with you, the consumer, in mind. Our goal is to make you feel pampered in luxury every time you use one of our products. Our philosophy is that there is beauty even in the most mundane of places, the bathroom tub, shower, and at the kitchen sink. We believe you can change the way you feel by surrounding yourself with things that you love and cherish. It can be as simple as a beautiful bar of soap by your sink!

Our products are packaged with recyclable and compostable materials. Ingredients are purchased in bulk to save on packaging and you can even choose to have your items shipped “naked” to further reduce the environmental impact. We hope you will join us in teaching our children and protecting our beautiful earth.

Thank you for your support. Each time you visit our website, Facebook & Instagram page, every video you watch, friend you share with, post you like helps our small business grow.

~ Carolyn from Woodburne Naturals


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