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Our company was founded on sustainability. All packaging is eco-friendly, plastic-free, recyclable, reusable, and compostable. Want to further reduce your packaging? There is a “ship it naked” option at checkout.

Natural Ingredients

We use the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. Vegan butters, oils, natural colorants, and essential oils are some of the ingredients that you will find in our products. You can review the ingredients tab under each product for a full list of the ingredients used.

Beautiful Design

This is where form and function meet. We design our products to perform. With our products, you can add an element of design to your sink and bathroom with the items that you use in your daily skincare routine. By adding a bar of soap to your shower it can feel like a spa retreat every time you get in.


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Customer feedback

I am passionate about switching to non-plastic and more natural products which makes Woodburne Naturals a perfect fit for me. I started using their Sunshine Shampoo and Body Bar in April 2021 and fell in love! After a short transition period from bottle to bar shampoo I can honestly say my hair feels healthier and less frizzy. I highly recommend this product!!

Jamie, York Pa

This shampoo and conditoner bar are incredible! I use the Sunshine Shampoo Bar and Glide Conditioner Bar and my long/thick/coarse/birdnest hair is super soft and shiny without needing any other styling products! I love the lather of the shampoo and how clean it feels immediately. As a long time hair product junkie I am amazed by these bars and the fact that I don't have to spend tons of money on products filled with synthetic ingredients is so fantastic. -everything from this shop is eco-friendly/responsible! This stuff is gold and you need it in your life ASAP!

Nicki, Lancaster Pa

I’m a fill-up-the-sink kind of person.  Anything that doesn’t fit into the dishwasher will typically get rinsed and sit in the sink.  Having this dish soap and brush beside my sink has me scrubbing instead of rinsing and finishing the job instead of postponing it!  I was really surprised by how quickly the brush suds from one little swipe on the soap.  My dishes are scrubbed and drying in the time it used to take to rinse and stack. This is my new favorite kitchen clean up tool!

Theresa, Elizabethtown Pa